The Pomo Indians are seven distinct tribes located in five northern California counties. Anthropologitis, Alferd Kroeber united these groups under the Pomo term based on the shared cultural patterns which, included basketry. The Pomo area is diverse spanning from the Pacific Coast inland through the Redwood forests near the Sacramento Valley. Today there are approximately 30 Pomo communities.

Pomo Indian Culture is making a rebirth, after decades of Federal Assimilation Policies. Many Pomo bands are now activities teaching language, dance, basketry, and other cultural traditions. Historically, basketry designs were owned by certain families. Weavers were taught certain ways to make their baskets according to their family lineage. There were strict religious and cultural taboos against using another families design without permission. Traditional families that sickness and death can still come over someone who uses a basketry design without permission.

Today, basketry has become a way to weave the past with the present in order to honor those that came before. Pomo Indians are the most famous basket weavers in the world and they have baskets for every purpose.

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